Committing to Art

I’ve spent a lot of energy so far finding reasons why I’m NOT allowed to describe myself as an artist.  And after many years of creating things with my hands (gardens, gifts, home comforts) I am ready to entertain the possibility…perhaps all it takes to be an “artist” is to create.

I’ve been following textile art groups and I’m always impressed by those creating some kind of art (beginning-to-end) every day. In the past I’ve tended toward pattern-based projects that take several days/months/uhm…years to complete and aim toward someone else’s end goal. Now I would like to give myself permission to pursue non-patterned art in an effort to find some unique offerings I might be able create. Ultimately I would like to support myself as an artist…it’s a long-term goal. 🙂

To this end, I would like to spend 2016 creating art each day. This may take the form of patterns I can use long-term (hopefully?), but the main goal is to create something each day outside of my daily job.

His name is Paul the Mushroom…or Shroomie.

(pattern: lalylala –


2 thoughts on “Committing to Art

Thoughts? How are you making art and living life these days?

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