A finished piece! Pine needles & crochet

Yesterday I let some things get in the way of making art and I was disappointed. I didn’t have that happy feeling at the end of the day of having created something and I missed the forward motion of carrying an idea from one day to the next. There were some doodles on a napkin during a business meeting, but I’ve decided that doesn’t count.

So here we are, back on the bus, with some interesting pictures and some lessons learned.

IMG_6394 IMG_6396
It’s been so gray and dark out all day and the sun peeked out right at the end. So of course I ran out to take a few photos. I wish I had something to hang this on so my hand isn’t in the photo, but the shadow of my hand kind of looks like a duck…so that’s fun. I absolutely LOVE the shadow this sewing creates…almost more than the original?!?

I like the long untidy ends of the pine needle frame. They’re unruly and were a little difficult to work around while attaching the crochet and I thought about trimming them a couple of times. I’m glad I didn’t.

I like how three-dimensional the frame turned out to be (see the green peeking out from the bottom of the middle section?). I kind of thought I “over-attached” the blue piece (I did that one first and didn’t realize until I got to the bottom of it how much I liked the “unattached” look.) So I designed the yellow and green pieces to be attached only at certain points. (In fact I crocheted the green and blue pieces using the same set of stitches but they look pretty different based on the space they’re in and the attachment points I used. Cool.) I didn’t block or starch them but I think they’re holding they’re shape pretty well. The green one ended up more stretched than I planned, but I decided I like the variety so I left it.

I initially imagined the blue would represent the sky, the yellow the sun, and the green the grass. But from certain angles the green piece looks like a bikini and the yellow looks like a leaf. The blue still looks like clouds to me and all that possible symbolism works just fine for me.

What I liked most was starting with an idea at the beginning of the week and turning it into something similar but more complicated by the end of the week. I also want to pat myself on the back for following through with an original design (this is just about the first time I’ve done that. Will post some original twig weavings at some point.). I’m quite a pattern-follower and this has been a real stretch for me to visualize something with natural materials, use my sewing skills to create a new crochet pattern, then bring them together.



Thoughts? How are you making art and living life these days?

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