Journal entry – Gypsy inspired

I just finished a biography of Gypsy Rose Lee and created this journal spread today.

I have plans for the left side – we’ll see how that plays out tomorrow. I thought I had plans for the right side too, to add an articulated doll to represent Gypsy, but the highlights and paint worked out so nicely I’m not sure I want to cover it up (I used a toothpick as a paintbrush for highlights on the right side!).

I’m not sure if these are translating as close-ups — I’ll get better with my photography. But what I love about this page is the highlights and how different each template appears. They’re all made with the same bodice template, but the highlights in each instance seem to completely change the look of the clothing. I wasn’t expecting that.

I don’t think this shows up well at all, but I had some fun with gold and silver acrylic paint. The scales on the tails show up nicely and I think this will be a good background to the mermaids I plan to put here tomorrow.

It’s a multi-day spread…more tomorrow.


Thoughts? How are you making art and living life these days?

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