Inspirations and Invitations

Oh the hard-working postal folks brought me some fun things today! I was in meetings all day at work so the fun was doubled when I slogged into the house with my information-worker self and saw two exciting packages addressed to me!

One was from my mom and included some beautiful patchwork squares I’m definitely taking to PDX as part of my art stash. The card cover speaks for itself (thanks mom!!) (there’s even more inspirational stuff inside of course. snippet: “Anything that you believe you can do you have always done.” Mom Historians are amazing, am I right? ).

I decided to use a paragraph break to separate that from the fact that I used my best bartender skills to swirl those quilt patches for best camera effect (nobody knows what I’m talking about, right?…).

quilt squares and card
Inspiration and supplies from TX!







In the same load I got something from my Art and Soul Retreat friends in Portland!!

Art and Soul Retreat, Portland, OR
Art and Soul Retreat Portland, OR









(that’s a bottle of bubbles with a tiny wand attached to that huge card deck)

Art & Soul Retreat cover
The following pages hold cards for each of the classes i signed up for.








If you’re available to travel/attend I would love to see you there: Art and Soul Retreat.


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