Garden Delights

Work is keeping me busy preparing for my upcoming “March Artastical Sabbatical” (trademark, patent pending). So there’s little time-slash-energy left at the end of the day for my blogging tomfoolery.

To that end, we bring you (recycled) images from this year’s family 2016 calendar.

 Protea on my block: pre-bloom
January: Protea on my block: pre-bloom (scroll down for amazing protea blossom)
February: Flowering Aloe
March- Azaleas
Cactus bloom
April – Cactus bloom
May - Martha Washington Geranium
May – Martha Washington Geranium
June - Succulent blooms
June – Succulent blooms
July - Rogue sunflower
July – Rogue sunflower
August - Amazing Hibiscus
August – Amazing Hibiscus
Protea opened - what we've been waiting for!
September – Protea opened – what we’ve been waiting for!
November - Kaffir Lillies
October – Kaffir Lillies
November - Dragon Fruit Flowers
November – Cactus Flowers
Grounds outside my work office in Portland
December – Grounds outside my work office in Portland

So there you have it. Nature pics from the year and a big (non-sponsored) plug for shutterfly, who helped me create gifts from all that. I highly recommend checking out the new gift ideas shutterfly offers each year. One year I made luggage tags with dog photos that were a big hit!


Thoughts? How are you making art and living life these days?

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