Orange Flowers in My Garden

These bulbs came with my house (which I first rented then purchased…twice…no need to dwell on such details).

A bulb-based flower that came with my house
A bulb-based flower that came with my house

I have found and lost the name of this bulb/flower (I should have saved that final search link!). If you know the name, please share. In the past I’ve found this flower in a few yards in my neighborhood, and most surprisingly on the grounds of a horse ranch in nearby Bonsall, CA (Rawhide Ranch rocks it, especially for Girl Scout events!). That’s actually where I learned the name of the flower, and subsequently forgot these many years later.

This flower bloomed first on this property when I landed here in 2000, and I like to think it inspired me to transport and lay down all the huge rocks that line my garden beds today (maybe I’ll share another post about all the excavated “dinosaur eggs” that line my garden paths). No matter what garden and house renovations we complete, these persevere…and I love their alien exquisiteness.


Aloe flowers in the background
garden view
broader garden view
The garden "at large" - I call the business at the right "Cactopolis."
The side garden “at large” – I call the shining business at the right “Cactopolis.” (There are other spiny characters at the base of that metropolis…pictures to follow…far left is my pineapple plant.)

Sending sunshine from So-Cal and looking forward to hearing about your gardens and your sewing projects!


One thought on “Orange Flowers in My Garden

  1. My flowering quince shrub (which I just asked for help ID-ing on a garden web site). Is flowering. I have a pic, but I can’t figure out how to post it. 🙂 Here’a link to the discussion — I have no idea if you’ll be able to see it w/o signing in. 🙂 My IT skills evaporated when I was no longer carrying the pager (that’s how far back it was — I had a pager!)

    Love to everyone’s gardens! — Heather

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