Making Science

I have volunteered in the past for the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center here in San Diego which seems to have landed me on an amazing VIP invite list to attend some really fun events. I got to attend our most recent TEDx event for free (I helped with a semi-conductor experiment that “wow-ed” the crowd. I have video of it somewhere…no time for that now…maybe later.)

Tonight there was an apparatus made of packing tape that we could climb in, crawl through, jump on and slide down. Of course I slid down that slide, and if I were super cool I’m sure I could embed that video here. However, I’m not. So perhaps you can view it here.

This was also on my phone from this evening.

at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

I’m clueless on this one. My date and my favorite cocktail of the evening are featured in the middle of a strange organism. I suspect this happened when I handed my phone off temporarily. Details pending…







BTW – If you haven’t seen Joe Gordon-Levitt’s new collaboration site, you should check it out. I’m excited to join and play a part in some way (weekend plan!).