Marge is an angel

I just got off work and I plan to finish up my crochet tote bag tonight – so hopefully more pictures to come. But I had to take a moment and share that my amazing friend Marge called this morning out of the blue and when I answered (I never know if she might be having an emergency she needs help with – it’s happened before), she said, “Is this the artist lady who is making art with buttons?” I find her at her sharpest right now – never missing a trick. I love that she absorbed our last conversation about art and thought to check in with me on it. It was a nice morning wake-up call/reminder of what makes me happy.

I am envisioning an embroidery picture I can make with some of her buttons as flower centers….

A story about Marge and Aaron that I love:

One day we stopped by while walking the dog and a basketball game was on the TV (it was the San Antonio Spurs so I was particularly interested). They were watching the game together and Aaron told us that they met in high school because they were both on the basketball team (separate teams for girls and boys of course) and because of their shared interest they began to date. I love to imagine Marge and Aaron as high school sweethearts and athletes, and it’s certainly no stretch to see the way that follows through as they care for each other in old age.

Going go to string a few more buttons together…


3 thoughts on “Marge is an angel

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  2. Carmen

    Hello “art lady”. So happy Marge remembered your conversation. There’s so many things you can make with those buttons, Imagine the places they’ve been! With your new craft table, there will be no stopping you. It will be “in your face” everyday so you can glance at it and get even more ideas.


Thoughts? How are you making art and living life these days?

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