Flowers in Portland, Oregon

I’m  traveling for work this week and because we use Airbnb for accommodations I’ve found myself in such a charming neighborhood that I now have dreams of buying a home here. OK – it’s not a new dream, but I found my new dream neighborhood.

I took a walk this evening in my neighborhood and captured these moments of Portland love. I miss this area so much! (I lived in Eugene, OR for 5 years and Seattle, WA for another 5 years – it’s such a cool  lifestyle these folks are living – jealous!).

I love the garage underneath the front porch on this one!20160427_193150

Frothy goodness
Not sure what this is but I sure love it
Iris Amazing
More amazing rhodie love
Iris Crazy


Rhodie Magic




These beauties growing out of a random wall

Always love visiting this area. How lucky all you inhabitants are…

2 thoughts on “Flowers in Portland, Oregon

    1. Yep – the Pacific NW (Oregon/Washington) still have them in spades. I see them down the CA coast actually, but they do get scarcer as you head south out of San Luis Obispo (that’s kind of my dividing line between “so cal” and the paradise that is “no cal”). 🙂


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