Bringing It All Together: I’m Making Cards!

I had to wait awhile to post pictures of this so my daughter wouldn’t see her birthday card ahead of time. I’m having a lot of fun using my mono prints and stamps to make impromptu cards (anyone else out there boycotting purchased greeting cards and all they stand for? UNITE!).

So here’s what I made to celebrate my daughter’s offspringing…

I added beads to the embroidery then used double-sided tape to attach it to a piece of scrapbooking paper.
Then I glued a mono-printed page to the inside top and stitched my needle lace to the bottom (I like how the cut threads added to the wave motion).
close-up of the mono print
close-up of the attached needle lace
Back of the card – I like how the blue silk stitches seem to interact with the gold grassy marks.

I really enjoyed adding beads to my embroidered patterns and I suspect that technique might make another appearance. I especially enjoyed finding a use for my needle lace pattern AND avoiding the greeting card industry. It’s evil y’all. Buy card stock on sale and draw a picture. Your loved ones will love it even more than that $7 card that sings.

P.S. I used my mono prints recently to create a thank you card (plus two bonus bookmarks I included…that could be used to create two new cards…). It’s the gift that keeps on giving, as well as a gift that’s fun to give. I highly recommend purchasing a cheap gelli-plate and going to town. It’s kind of a “no wrong answers” situation: even your least favorite print can be turned into your favorite bookmark.


4 thoughts on “Bringing It All Together: I’m Making Cards!

  1. I began to make my own cards years ago, however, only recenlty have I taken on making one of a kind art greeting cards. What started out as playing, has now become a passion that I really enjoy. So far I’ve resisted using my felting techniques to add to the cards, I’m having too much fun with stamps and dies, I like what you’ve done.. I used my machines to do stitching on ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) Life is Art!

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    1. The card itself didn’t take too long to pull together, but I had created all the elements previously. The needle lace took quite a long time to stitch up (I wasn’t sure what I would do with it so this worked out nicely! 🙂 and the stamp took about 3 hours to carve (I love how fast those work up!). The mono print was also created separately at a class (I think I stamped it right before I made the card). I love all the raw materials mono print gives me! The other day I used some to make a thank you card for someone, along with a couple of bookmarks. Very fun.


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